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Town of Jordan Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing Regarding CDBG Income Survey

The Town of Jordan will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at 6:30 pm at the City Office in Jordan.  The purpose of the hearing is to obtain public comments regarding an income survey to be conducted by the Town of Jordan.  Last year, the Town of Jordan completed a comprehensive analysis of its wastewater treatment system.  Through this process, deficiencies within the system were identified and necessary improvements were prioritized.  The Town of Jordan may be eligible for up to $450,000 in grant funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) of the Montana Department of Commerce, for construction of improvements recommended in the comprehensive analysis.  The CDBG program is intended to aid communities of low to moderate income.  An income survey must be completed to determine whether the Town is eligible for this grant.

Anyone who would like more information or who wants to submit suggestions should contact Evelyn Ritter, Clerk, (406) 557-2692 or Tori Matejovsky, Great Northern Development Corporation, (406) 653-2590.  A summary of the Income Survey process, a copy the income survey being mailed to residents of the Town of Jordan, and a summary of the CDBG program are available for review at the Town of Jordan city office during regular office hours.

The Town of Jordan makes reasonable accommodation for any known disability that may interfere with a person’s ability to participate in this public hearing.  Persons needing an accommodation must notify Evelyn Ritter to later than March 2, 2015 to allow adequate time to make needed arrangements.  You can call (406) 557-2692 or write to PO Box 484, Jordan, MT  59337 to make your request known.

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