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Eastern Montana Brownfields Coalition

GNDC has been awarded a U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment grant to investigate confirmed or suspected Brownfields properties within a 15 county region in Eastern Montana.  GNDC is requesting proposals from firms for Qualified Environmental Professional Services (QEP).


Click here for the detailed Request for Proposals (RFP), including a description of the services to be provided by respondents, the minimum content of responses and the factors to be used to evaluate the responses, can be obtained at the link below, or by contacting Tori Matejovsky at GNDC, (406) 653-2590 ext. 206,  

All responses to the detailed RFP must be submitted by 4 pm on Monday, September 10, 2018.  




GNDC, in conjunction with the Eastern Montana Brownfields Coalition (EMBC), is currently administering two EPA Brownfields Programs for Hazardous Substance and Petroleum Clean Up. They include a Clean Up Revolving Loan Fund and an Assessment Grant.  The programs are available for sites throughout a 15 county region of Eastern Montana. If you own or know of a piece of property located within the 15 county region that would potentially be considered a Brownfields site and are interested in assessing the property by means of a grant or cleaning up the property for reuse by means of a loan or sub-grant to eligible entities, please contact GNDC Executive Director Tori Matejovsky at (406) 653-2590 or


What is Brownfields?

A Brownfields site is a piece of property in which expansion, redevelopment or reuse of the property may be complicated by the presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant. When left idle, Brownfields properties can lay host to numerous health concerns or economic problems such as the well being of humans, animals and livestock, environmental worries, reduced property values or taxes, underused infrastructure, or potential lawsuits. When property owners decide to clean up, redevelop  or reuse these properties, unfortunately they are usually presented with numerous challenges. That's where the EMBC can help.

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