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GNDC team members develop and/or manage a variety of projects throughout region. Below are some of the ongoing projects GNDC has recently been active in developing and managing. Please contact any of the qualified GNDC team members for assistance with your community and economic development projects.

 A future depiction of Sand Creek Winds, LLC.

A future depiction of Sand Creek Winds, LLC.

Sand Creek Winds, LLC

GNDC has been working with Sand Creek Winds, LLC (SCW) since 2012 to determine the feasibility of a 75 MW wind farm to be located on 18,360 acres of private lands in northern McCone County. So far, a Feasibility Study and a System Impact Study have been completed with the assistance of a $119,000 USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant and a $21,000 Big Sky Trust Fund Grant. GNDC has also been awarded a $60,000 USDA Rural Business Development Grant to assist SCW in completing the Environmental Assessment phase of the project.

City of Glasgow Housing Program

Last June the City of Glasgow completed an updated Housing Plan which showed great need for demolition of blighted structures and rehabilitation of single-family homes located within the City limits of Glasgow. Since then the Glasgow Housing Advisory Board was established and GNDC has been working with the City of Glasgow to complete an Environmental Assessment and application for funding to the CDBG Non-Competitive program for housing. The application is nearing completion and is anticipated to be submitted in early April. If awarded, this program has the potential of bringing housing assistance to the residents of Glasgow as early as this summer by means of demolition of blighted structures with one-to-one replacement and rehabilitation of health and safety issues for low to moderate income residents.

Northstar Apartments Receives LIHTC Award

The Northstar Apartment complex is a 28 unit low to moderate income housing project that GNDC has been working diligently on for the past 4 years. This past January the project was awarded $5,570,420 in Low Income Housing Tax Credits which will be added to the City of Wolf Point's $1,080,000 HOME grant administered by GNDC. The project developer, Gene Leuwer of GL Development located in Helena, MT is actively working with GNDC and the City of Wolf Point to secure the remainder of the funding needed to move forward with bidding and construction of the $6.5 million project.

Northstar Project Development Team in attendance for the January LIHTC Hearing & Awards located in Helena, pictured from left to right: Developer Gene Leuwer, Roosevelt County Commissioner Gary MacDonald, GNDC Executive Director Tori Matejovsky, GNDC Housing Specialist Brianna Vine, & City of Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak.

McCone County Health Center Roof Replacement

McCone County was recently selected for a Community Development Block Grant award in the amount of $425,000. This grant will help McCone County Health Center obtain a Preliminary Architectural Report and repairs to solve the most critical health and safety concerns, including but not limited to roof repair/replacement. GNDC is working with McCone County to start the RFP process for an Architect to complete the Preliminary Architecture Report. As soon as that is complete the project will be put out to bid for the roof replacement.


Town of Jordan Growth Policy: CDBG Planning Grant $30,000

Roosevelt Medical Center Preliminary Architect Report: CDBG Planning Grant $30,000

Roosevelt County New Jail Facility Feasibility Study: CDBG Planning Grant $28,500

Daniels County Housing Plan: CDBG Planning Grant $5,000

Regional Needs Assessment: Big Sky Trust Fund $26,250, CDBG $25,000 & local funding

City of Wolf Point Housing Revitalization: CDBG $450,000

Town of Circle Housing Revitalization: CDBG$450,000

Town of Jordan Waste Water Treatment Facility Preliminary Engineering Report: TSEP $15,000

CEDS 2012 with Disaster Plan

City of Wolf Point Housing Development: HOME Grant $1,080,000

City of Glasgow Housing Plan: CDBG Planning Grant $10,000

Town of Jordan Preliminary Engineer Report: DNRC Renewable Resources Planning, $15,000

Town of Jordan Preliminary Engineer Report: TSEP Planning Grant, $15,000

Valley County Fairground Improvements; Montana DOT Grant, $177,000

City of Wolf Point Marketing; Montana Office of Tourism, $10,000

Poplar Senior Center; Preliminary Architecture Report, $26,000

Northstar Apartments LIHTC Award, $5,570,420


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